This is a list of the primary subjects that I am ready and available to speak on at anytime to any group in any place. If you wish to talk to me more about any of this please email me at the email address listed below. (If you would like to know if I am able to speak on another topic or issue please let me know)

Why I AmĀ (Still) A Christian!

Doing Apologetics Without The Need For Apology!

Expository Preaching

This is a presentation involving some in depth personal information about my life and the horros I have experienced and how and why I have maintained my Christian faith in light of it all.
I very much enjoy sharing the truths of Scripture with the Church. I can handle any text in an expository manner. I love explaining the Word of God in an applicable and valid fashion!
This is a presentation in which I share some key points on how we should do apologetics according to the Bible. This is a presentation that is named after my book, Doing Apologetics Without the Need For Apology: Biblical Principles for Confrontational Relationality.