1. "No Chance!" Really?
    09 May, 2017
    "No Chance!" Really?
    Over the last decade or so, since I began studying philosophy, Apologetics and so on, I have had a growing disdain for arguments dealing chance and/or probabilities. Now, I do not mean quiet what you probably think I mean here. So what do I mean, and what kind of chance arguments am I really referring to? It seems these days, quiet frankly, that most Christian apologists spend a good chunk of their time and energy dealing with and arguing against various scientific, mathematical, and
  2. Apologetics and Its Purpose and Place in Conversation
    20 Apr, 2017
    Apologetics and Its Purpose and Place in Conversation
    Several years ago I began noticing a substantial shift in my methodology regarding the way I was doing Apologetics. Now, before we go further I must clarify that I am not referring to various methods, as in classical vs evidential vs presuppositional and so on. I am, rather, referring to the actual way I conduct myself in relation to the person (or people) I am communicating with.  When I started doing Apologetics about 8 years ago, and even further back when I began witnessing nearly 29 years
  3. The Art of Distinction (A brief look into ideological laziness)
    10 Apr, 2017
    The Art of Distinction (A brief look into ideological laziness)
    Over the last few months I have been pondering and mulling over whether or not it is worth writing a certain book, and I have recently come to the assumption that, quite frankly not only is it worth it, but it is absolutely vital to do so, and soon. The book will revolve around the issue of making the proper distinctions at all levels of thought, speech, and communication. You see, so many of us, including myself at times, fail to fully think through and/or properly articulate our ideas. We
  4. Molinism and Calvinism are compatible (continued)
    17 Oct, 2016
    Molinism and Calvinism are compatible (continued)
    About six months ago I wrote a not so well formatted article that spurred a bit of controversy, and virtually everyone disagreed with me, except one person. Kirk McGregor, a leading expert on Molinism, although not agreeing that my position was correct, nevertheless found it plausibly viable. Last week he published a guest blog on my great friend Tim Stratton's ministry website at that argued for the actual coherence of holding to both Calvinism and Molinism both