1. There is NO WAY I Would Be a Christian If....
    30 Jan, 2016
    There is NO WAY I Would Be a Christian If....
    As someone who has been through so much two unwanted divorces, 75 jobs, 40 moves, being severely abused physically as a child, being picked on and ridiculed most of my life, six mental hospitalizations, suicidal ideations from age 7 on, and so on and so forth, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY I WOULD STILL BE A CHRISTIAN. What is that way.....what is that reason?!??!?!? Simply put, there is no way I would be a Christian at this point in my life if I was not convinced of its logical validity,
  2. How Not To Argue With an Atheist
    30 Jan, 2016
    How Not To Argue With an Atheist
    "I believe that Christianity is true because I am convicted of its truth, and because I experience the love that it entails!" This was part of the conversation that I had with a charismatic Christian in Colorado Springs a few weeks ago. He had adopted the "Theology of Love" mentality regarding his faith, which basically says that love is all that matters; not logic, not truth, just love, since "God is love." While we were talking our Buddhist and Atheistic roommate came onto the scene and