1. "Which Path Should I Choose, and WHY?"
    01 May, 2017
    "Which Path Should I Choose, and WHY?"
    As talked with my good friend Tate last night over the phone I began to realize something about my current situation and my struggle with making decisions about my future. I realized, to be blunt, that I am confused, but not as many would assume. This same realization returned this morning as I sat at the Starbucks on Bluemont Avenue in Manhattan, KS talking to my friend Adam. I just couldn't shake the feeling that somehow, somewhere along the line I became confused; but what was it that I was
  2. An update on The Messed Up Apologist
    14 Mar, 2016
    An update on The Messed Up Apologist
    I recently spent 4 days in the hospital for homicidal/suicidal ideations. I went in Thursday the 10th and got out yesterday, Sunday the 13th. This hospital stay was my seventh stay for these reasons. I I am better now. I could really use all of your prayers as I am feeling pretty anti-social now. I did have an interview today for a great job and I should find out by the end of the week if I got it or not. For the rest of the day today I am trying to lay low though. Sorry if this is not like the