1. Love and Acceptance: Are they the same thing?
    08 Mar, 2016
    Love and Acceptance: Are they the same thing?
    I was talking with my friend Darrel the other day and I realized something while we were talking about people's misunderstanding of love. What was it that I realized? It was that most people these days tend to mistake acceptance for love. I fear that I have done that twice in marriage and several times with girlfriends, and also many times otherwise as well. You see, acceptance makes us feel wanted, and so we tend to think of it as being valued, which in turn in our minds often translates to
  2. Rethinking Love (Valentines day 2016)
    14 Feb, 2016
    Rethinking Love (Valentines day 2016)
    As many of you know I went through my second unwanted divorce last year (I teared up even as I typed that last sentence). And once again I am out of medication and have been for a week, and I have no doctor or prescription to get more and won't have for a little while longer at least. So, this being the first Valentines Day since my divorce, and being depressed and realizing that I have yet to find a new lady to share it with, not to mention I would much prefer to share it with Emily anyway (but