1. The Problem of Evil
    19 Apr, 2016
    The Problem of Evil
    Why is there evil in the world? I think, if I may, that this is an entirely misguided question. The right question is, "Why do we assume evil is real? You see, so many of us seek to ponder on and about the purpose and meaning of the evil in the world, but no one ever seems to stop and think about the assumption inherent within the question of why evil exists! Let me briefly explain.  For one to even ask the question "Why is there evil in the world?" one is assuming within the asking of that
  2. A Somber Sharing Session
    30 Jan, 2016
    A Somber Sharing Session
    So I have been having a great time out here in Kearney, NE where I decided to make my new home this week! I already have a place to stay long term, a job starting Monday and possibly a better job closer to home starting shortly after that. I have a great church and many local supporters, gym buddies, and I have even decided that the friend I came into town to visit for a day is worthy of being considered one of my best friends. However, when things are going well evil is always lurking close by.
  3. Life is Messed Up, and So Am I!
    30 Jan, 2016
    Life is Messed Up, and So Am I!
    So, you need to know something; something about me specifically, and that is that I am, well, messed up. Why am I messed up? Because life is messed up! Life is messed up? Absolutely! We live in a world full of messed up things, like babies getting abused, people getting brutally murdered, serial killers roaming around freely, wars going on over religious preferences, and on and on and on. So what is the big deal about this messed up world? If it is messed up then that means it is not in order,