1. The Ignorance of Presumption
    09 May, 2016
    The Ignorance of Presumption
    As many of you know, I moved to Los Angeles, California about 2 months ago. I began working at a local dealership shortly after moving here, and I love working there! One thing that bothers me a little, though, is the fact that so many of the people I work with assume certain things about me based on where I told them I moved here from (not where I am from, but where I moved here from). They assume since I came from the Mid-west that I am uncultured, that I don't understand the way people do it
  2. "Christian Rap"....Is It Edifying?
    02 Apr, 2016
    "Christian Rap"....Is It Edifying?
    I was brought up being taught that all rap and rock was evil. However, in the ninth grade I began listening to Christian metal bands like Project 86, Tourniquet, and Living Sacrifice. I was also introduced around the same time to Christian rap, which, back in the mid 90's was not much for good music with the exception of the Tunnel Rats and T-Bone. Today is a MUCH different story. Most Christian rappers, or rather rappers who claim to be Christian and have a strong positive message in their