1. "Which Path Should I Choose, and WHY?"
    01 May, 2017
    "Which Path Should I Choose, and WHY?"
    As talked with my good friend Tate last night over the phone I began to realize something about my current situation and my struggle with making decisions about my future. I realized, to be blunt, that I am confused, but not as many would assume. This same realization returned this morning as I sat at the Starbucks on Bluemont Avenue in Manhattan, KS talking to my friend Adam. I just couldn't shake the feeling that somehow, somewhere along the line I became confused; but what was it that I was
  2. Apologetics and Its Purpose and Place in Conversation
    20 Apr, 2017
    Apologetics and Its Purpose and Place in Conversation
    Several years ago I began noticing a substantial shift in my methodology regarding the way I was doing Apologetics. Now, before we go further I must clarify that I am not referring to various methods, as in classical vs evidential vs presuppositional and so on. I am, rather, referring to the actual way I conduct myself in relation to the person (or people) I am communicating with.  When I started doing Apologetics about 8 years ago, and even further back when I began witnessing nearly 29 years
  3. Molinism and Calvinism are compatible (continued)
    17 Oct, 2016
    Molinism and Calvinism are compatible (continued)
    About six months ago I wrote a not so well formatted article that spurred a bit of controversy, and virtually everyone disagreed with me, except one person. Kirk McGregor, a leading expert on Molinism, although not agreeing that my position was correct, nevertheless found it plausibly viable. Last week he published a guest blog on my great friend Tim Stratton's ministry website at that argued for the actual coherence of holding to both Calvinism and Molinism both
  4. Racism and the Dignity of Humanity
    04 May, 2016
    Racism and the Dignity of Humanity
    I have always hated racism, but in light of now having a girlfriend that is not only African, but is actually from Africa and lives in Africa currently, it has resurfaced in my mind. I just want to share some brief thoughts with you all today. An informal way to provoke and entice thought in your minds on the subject. Are people somehow Inherently different based on the color of their skin? I think not. In philosophy we call color an accidental attribute, as in it is not inherently part of the
  5. Does Christianity Matter Prior To Death?
    30 Apr, 2016
    Does Christianity Matter Prior To Death?
    I have had many conversations with my good friend Tim Stratton, AKA The Free Thinking Theist, over the last few months. Several of the conversations were about the unevangelized and the afterlife. Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking for about an hour with a retired high school science teacher about the ultimate questions of life. During this process he said several things that struck me as very problematic from both a spiritual and an intellectual perspective. One of those statements
  6. Does God Speak Through Unrighteous Means?
    28 Apr, 2016
    Does God Speak Through Unrighteous Means?
    ​As I stood there listening to her speak, it hit me like a ton of bricks! God was using this homeless, drunk 62 year old woman whom I had never met before in my life to speak His message of truth to me in that moment. As I drove the long mountainous highway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles a few nights ago, I occasionally would stop to stretch my legs and wake up a bit, as I typically have trouble staying awake on long drives at night. However, this time was different. There was a cute girl
  7. The Canaanite Genocide? Did God Really Say.....?
    24 Apr, 2016
    The Canaanite Genocide? Did God Really Say.....?
    Yesterday I was over at my great and awesome friend Tim Stratton's house. Over the last few months of being in Kearney, NE, he has pushed me intellectually in ways that I have not been pushed in quite some time, and vice versa (I assume he would agree). Tim asked me to read over his upcoming blog post, and what happened in the next thirty minutes shocked me! You see, ever since I read my friend Paul Copan's article in the Christian Research Journal regarding the Canaanite genocide and God I
  8. The Problem of Evil
    19 Apr, 2016
    The Problem of Evil
    Why is there evil in the world? I think, if I may, that this is an entirely misguided question. The right question is, "Why do we assume evil is real? You see, so many of us seek to ponder on and about the purpose and meaning of the evil in the world, but no one ever seems to stop and think about the assumption inherent within the question of why evil exists! Let me briefly explain.  For one to even ask the question "Why is there evil in the world?" one is assuming within the asking of that
  9. A Case of the Mondays
    11 Apr, 2016
    A Case of the Mondays
    Many of you may recall a movie from a number of years ago. This movie was vulgar and I don't really recommend it, but nevertheless, there was a saying in the movie that has become infamous over the years since it came out, and that phrase is "a case of the Mondays." The primary meaning of this phrase is that when Monday roles around people tend to absolutely dread going back to the "work life." Now, this tends to resonate into virtually all aspects of life for many who espouse such a mentality,
  10. Can People Come to Christ Through Apologetics?
    06 Apr, 2016
    Can People Come to Christ Through Apologetics?
    Many people these days say that people DO NOT come to Christ through apologetics. Well, Sunday night I proved that to be absolutely FALSE! A man 29 years of age came into the college service at my church, Kearney E-Free Sunday evening and immediately began to head to the door to leave. I sensed he was leaving. He was clearly a rough individual who had experienced some pain in life. He was all tattooed up and had earrings in, chew in his mouth and a rough demeanor about him. I stopped him as
  11. "Christian Rap"....Is It Edifying?
    02 Apr, 2016
    "Christian Rap"....Is It Edifying?
    I was brought up being taught that all rap and rock was evil. However, in the ninth grade I began listening to Christian metal bands like Project 86, Tourniquet, and Living Sacrifice. I was also introduced around the same time to Christian rap, which, back in the mid 90's was not much for good music with the exception of the Tunnel Rats and T-Bone. Today is a MUCH different story. Most Christian rappers, or rather rappers who claim to be Christian and have a strong positive message in their
  12. The Gospel is NOT about Prosperity
    31 Mar, 2016
    The Gospel is NOT about Prosperity
    Many people tell us that when we become Christians life will be awesome, happy go lucky and just down right great. The prosperity gospel movement goes even further. People like Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joseph Prince, and even Joyce Meyer make it seem like the more depravity in life we experience, the farther from God we must be. But is this really the case? Let's take a quick look at the life of the Apostle Paul. He was imprisoned numerous times. He was shipwrecked. He was
  13. Accepting Christ as Savor is NOT Enough for Salvation
    28 Mar, 2016
    Accepting Christ as Savor is NOT Enough for Salvation
    So many people these days say something like, "I have accepted Jesus as my Savior," or ,"If you don't want to go to Hell and you instead wish to experience eternal happiness in Heaven then accept Christ." While these are good things to consider, they are not sufficient. You see, Christ is not in the market of just saving people. He is in the market of bringing people who accept Him as their Lord into a personal relationship with Him for all eternity. These people, also known as Christians, love
  14. She's Safe Now!
    22 Mar, 2016
    She's Safe Now!
    I have been pondering all of the wonderful things that have been happening to me over the last perfect job, new freedom in having my own place again, learning how great my new friends in Kearney, NE really are and how real my new church family is(!), and many other things. In the wake of all this I have been privliged with some information that has caused elation in me to say the least! I learned yesterday that my friend that I mentioned about a month ago in another blog on here whom
  15. Thoughts for Sunday Prior to Easter!
    20 Mar, 2016
    Thoughts for Sunday Prior to Easter!
    In the week prior and moving forward to Easter Sunday, I have provided links to several papers/articles that I have written regarding Christology, Messianic Prophecy and the Resurrection. I encourage you to diligently read all three in the order they are posted below. However, if you only wish to read one, read the third one, about the evidence for the resurrection. Blessings, and remember, HE IS RISEN! Christology in The Book of Hebrews -
  16. I Am a TULIP Calvinist AND a Molinist and the Two Do Not Contradict Each Other
    19 Mar, 2016
    I Am a TULIP Calvinist AND a Molinist and the Two Do Not Contradict Each Other
    Initially read this 13 premise and 4 conclusion syllogism! If God is perfectly purposeful, then he must actually utilize all his actual attributes. if God is just, then he must legitimately judge.  If God possess LFW then he must necessarily actually have the option of judging both ways, that is both condemnation and justification.  If God has the option of judging both ways, that is both condemnation and justification, then some must necessarily be condemned and others necessarily
  17. An exciting development in my life!
    16 Mar, 2016
    An exciting development in my life!
    I am MOVING OUT OF THE HOMELESS SHELTER TODAY!!!!! I got a great job offer yesterday, but there was a catch.....I had to have my own place to live to store the equipment that is part of the new job. I was pretty distraught that I couldn't take this great paying job that was right up my alley because I didn't have a place to live. So, I looked on craigslist for a cheap room for rent, and I found one. It is about 2 blocks from the UNK campus. While I don't attend UNK, from the looks of it I will
  18. Love and Acceptance: Are they the same thing?
    08 Mar, 2016
    Love and Acceptance: Are they the same thing?
    I was talking with my friend Darrel the other day and I realized something while we were talking about people's misunderstanding of love. What was it that I realized? It was that most people these days tend to mistake acceptance for love. I fear that I have done that twice in marriage and several times with girlfriends, and also many times otherwise as well. You see, acceptance makes us feel wanted, and so we tend to think of it as being valued, which in turn in our minds often translates to
  19. Covenant theology and moral responsibility apart from prior knowledge
    05 Mar, 2016
    Covenant theology and moral responsibility apart from prior knowledge
    I was thinking yesterday as I was talking to a good friend of mine, Ben, and I realized something very pertinent not only to the concept of covenant theology, but more importantly the concept of moral duty. I will deal with moral duty only in this blog and then in the next blog I will deal with covenant theology. I have always understood passages in the Bible to be successive based on the order they are presented within, at least until I went to Bible college 8 years ago. However, I
  20. A thought on the Free Thinking Theist and His Ministry Endeavors
    04 Mar, 2016
    A thought on the Free Thinking Theist and His Ministry Endeavors
    I want to make a few comments about my good friend Tim Stratton and his ministry, Free Thinking Ministries. I also want to briefly mention a conversation we had last night. First of all Tim is a great guy and is very smart. He is well connected in the apologetics "industry" and is currently working on his PhD at the same school as me, Northwest University in South Africa.  Tim's ministry is committed to fighting off the evils of atheism, but also to teaching and training people to think