1. "Which Path Should I Choose, and WHY?"
    01 May, 2017
    "Which Path Should I Choose, and WHY?"
    As talked with my good friend Tate last night over the phone I began to realize something about my current situation and my struggle with making decisions about my future. I realized, to be blunt, that I am confused, but not as many would assume. This same realization returned this morning as I sat at the Starbucks on Bluemont Avenue in Manhattan, KS talking to my friend Adam. I just couldn't shake the feeling that somehow, somewhere along the line I became confused; but what was it that I was
  2. Biblical Inspiration and what it really means
    14 Oct, 2016
    Biblical Inspiration and what it really means
    What does it mean for the Bible to be "inspired?" Is there some mystical spell that God put on the Bible to keep it from being tainted, and even if so what is it that is not tainted? Or is it that God has some kind of hidden spiritual truth in the Scriptures? The answer to these questions and all those like them is, quite simply, NO! So what does it mean? The Bible is a book, yes, and much of it is just like the other books out there. It deals with truth with regard to science, history, and many